Meet Dr. Michael Golab, D.C

Dr. Michael Golab D.C., has been treating soft tissue injuries since 1998.

His conservative, quick and effective, short-term care has relieved thousands of patients from their musculoskeletal conditions. 

He refuses to be the  typical  chiropractor where treatment plans are usually long and financially draining.

His quick and practical treatment approach is truly refreshing to patients.  Text Neck is the next BIGGEST physical epidemic. 

“Bottom Line: I will do whatever I can to find a solution to my patient’s conditions. I reccommend the quickest most effective treatment to get them back to a pain free state.”


  • University Of Western Ontario B.Sc., 1993
  • Logan College Of Chiropractic 1998 Doctor Of Chiropractic
  • Carrick Institute Of Neurology, 150 Hours of Electrodiagnostic Studies 2007
  • Board Certified In Electrodiagnostic Studies 2008


  • Texas 1998 Texas Chiropractic Licensure

Call Dr. Golab at 210-764-8888 or visit

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